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iPhone 12

iPhone 12 tests

Phone 12 release date, price, features … Everything you need to know about Apple’s new smartphones Apple By Remi Lou on October 30, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. 22 comments
On October 13, 2020, Apple unveiled its next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 12. Release date, price, official features … We tell you everything there is to know about Apple’s new flagship.

iPhone 12
1. iPhone 12 tests
2. How much cost of iPhone 12?
3. Where to buy iPhone 12?
4. Where to buy iPhone 12 Pro?
5. What design change?
6. What screens do the iPhone 12 offer?
7. What performance can you expect from the new iPhone 12s?
8. What do the iPhone 12s offer in the photo?

What is the iPhone 12 release date?

Apple has just released the veil of the iPhone 12 on its new flagship. In this year 2020, the Cupertino company has drastically revised its copy, not launching one, but four models of iPhone 12: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and Finally, iPhone 12 Pro Max. Released in three sizes:
5.4 inches for the Apple iPhone 12 mini,
6.1 inches for iPhone 12 Pro & the Apple iPhone 12, and
6.7 inches is the appropriate size for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12

All are entitled to a Super Retina XDR OLED screen with ceramic overlay, supposed to make it more resistant. Above all, we are entitled to a change of chassis, as well as features eagerly awaited by iPhone users, including the arrival of 5G compatibility. We took all the information you need to know about this phone iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max!

What is the iPhone 12 release date?

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were launched on October 16 from 2pm by Apple, for a launch on October 23, 2020. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have to wait a bit, at least until November 6, the date of the opening of their pre-orders, for a launch on Friday, November 13.

iPhone 12 Pro review

How much does the cost of your phone iPhone 12?

iPhone 12

This year, Apple is reviewing its prices somewhat. For the iPhone 12 lineup, the entry price remains the same at 809 euros. On the other hand, this is the iPhone 12 mini in 64 GB version, and the iPhone 12 and its 6.1-inch screen (the same size as the iPhone 11) is sold for 909 euros. , in 64 GB. Apple has therefore increased its price by 100 euros this year …

As for the “Pro” range, prices remain stable. Our Phone The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $ 1,159 while another phone iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $ 1,259. Good news, these two models go to 128 GB of storage at the entry-level, against 64 GB previously.

Where to buy iPhone 12?
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Find the iPhone 12 at Amazon
Find the iPhone 12 at Fnac
Find the iPhone 12 at Darty

What design change?

After launching phones with rounded curves (since 2014, and iPhone 6), An Wind is blown by apple of nostalgia this year with its iPhone 12, by offering it straight edges. n the style of the old iPhone 4 / 5 / 4S / 5S. This characteristic founded in particular on one of Apple’s well-known products, the iPad Pro. On the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, we benefit from tinted aluminum edges of the chosen color (black, white, red, green, and a new dark blue), while The “Pro” models are still entitled to steel. stainless steel (silver, gold, graphite gray, and midnight blue). Finally, the back of phone is still made of glass, shiny on the Phone, and frosted on the iPhone 12 Pro, and still allows induction charging, in particular thanks to the new MagSafe magnetic charger. We find a photo block is similar to the one we already had on the iPhone 11, with this two sensors on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini, and three sensors on the iPhone 12 Pro Max b& Phone 12 Pro, which also benefit from a LiDAR sensor. On the front side, unfortunately, there are no big changes. If the iPhone 12 and the
iPhone 12 mini logically benefits from a reduction in the size of their borders thanks to the arrival of the OLED, we find a relatively similar front panel with still this large notch welcoming Face ID, a design that is definitely starting to age in 2020.

iPhone 12

What screens do the iPhone 12 offer?

Good news this year: Apple is finally abandoning the LCD on the non-“Pro” range and offering OLED to all its models! As a result, we end up with a wide choice of screen sizes, of very comparable quality. First of all, this is the small model that should appeal to fans of small screens, characteristics that have become very rare on a flagship. The iPhone 12 mini may have a small 5.4-inch panel, but Apple does not skimp on the means and offers it the OLED and a comfortable definition of 2340 x 1080 pixels, for 476 ppi. As for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, we benefit from a substantially identical Super Retina XDR panel with a definition of 2,532 x 1,170 pixels at 460 ppi. Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max climbs to 6.7 inches, the largest size ever seen on an Apple Smartphone.


all iPhone 12 models still offer a refresh rate of 60Hz, despite rumors of a 120Hz mode coming to the “Pro” models. Apple would have preferred to bet on a decent autonomy, in particular with the arrival of 5G on all models of iPhone 12. This lack remains nevertheless very detrimental in 2020, while most of the competing flagships now offer screens at 120 Hz, at the image of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note20 or the OnePlus 8 Pro. Other less premium smartphones still offer 90 Hz, such as the Xiaomi Mi 10, the Huawei P40 or even the OnePlus Nord, which sells for only 399 euros.


Apple is increasing its screen repair prices this year on the iPhone 12. If the replacement of the screen of an iPhone 12 Pro costs the same as on the iPhone 11 Pro – despite the approximately 0.3 additional inches – that of the iPhone 12 increases by 100 euros compared to the replacement of an iPhone 11 screen. All these operations are invoiced at 311 euros, whether it is an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 12 Pro. This could be explained by the arrival of OLED on the “standard” iPhone 12, while the iPhone 11 had an LCD panel, which was cheaper to produce. Note that Apple introduced a new type of hardened ceramic display this year, which the company touted as four times more resistant to drops and “more resistant than any glass on a smartphone.”

What performance can you expect from the new iPhone 12s?

All new iPhones have an A14 SoC, designed by the iPhone brand. Engraved in 5 nm by TSMC, firster for a smartphone chip. In the case of comparison, at Intel, we do not imagine the 5 nm before 2023, when Qualcomm declare that it could achieve this finesse in 2021 only with its 875. The firm announced a power gain of around 50% compared to the iPhone 11, thanks to some 11.8 billion transistors available on the chip. In theory, this makes the iPhone 12 the most powerful smartphone on the market, although this will have to be confirmed in our tests. Also, this cuvée marks the arrival of 5G on the iPhone. Good news: no model is deprived of it and we will of course be able to take advantage of it in France from the launch of the new generation of mobile networks.

iPhone 12
Know more about performance of iPhone 12

In terms of autonomy, the various iPhone 12 could nevertheless be less autonomous than their predecessors, with smaller batteries. According to a leak – Apple did not mention the abilities – they would be expected with the following abilities:

iPhone 12: 2,227 mAh
iPhone 12 Max: 2,775 mAh
iPhone 12 Pro: 2,775 mAh
iPhone 12 Pro Max: 3,687 mAh
On the storage side, the firm will once again deliver its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini with only 64 GB of entry-level storage. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max benefit from 128 GB of basic storage.

What do the iPhone 12s offer in the photo?

Side photo and video, Apple has especially put the package on the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini offering only very few evolutions compared to the iPhone 11. There are always two sensors – a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle – and the only real differences will be on the side of the A14 chip, which makes it possible to introduce the Smart HDR 3 and the Night mode even on the ultra-wide-angle.
As for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are several changes, starting with the addition of a LiDAR sensor, already seen on the iPad Pro 2020, and which should give the iPhone 12 Pro unprecedented capabilities in terms of augmented reality, but also make the autofocus six times faster and improve shots in low light, according to Apple. Otherwise, there are still three sensors, like the iPhone 11 Pro, but which benefit from some improvements: a wide-angle of 12 MP (equivalent 26 mm, f / 1.6), an ultra-wide-angle of 12 MP ( 13mm equivalent, f / 2.4), a 12 MP x2 telephoto zoom lens (52mm equivalent, f / 2.0 on the 12 Pro, f / 2.2 on the 12 Pro Max). Especially the iPhone 12 Pro Max performs well with its new 47% larger main sensor and telephoto lens offering 2.5x optical zoom. These additions would allow him to excel in low light. Otherwise, we take advantage of several new software, starting with the arrival of a new Apple ProRAW format (RAWs that contain Apple information such as Smart HDR, Deep Fusion, etc.), but also video in Dolby Vision HDR, with 10-bit colors. No 8K in the video, but rather 4K.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max …

  1. 6.5-inch Super Retina xdr OLED display
  2. Dust and water resistance (up to 4 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes)
  3. Triple camera with ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto 12 Mpx; night mode, and
  4. 12 mph true depth front camera with portrait mode, 4K video, and slow motion.

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